Oct 15, 2010

Feature Me Friday

I didn't give myself very much time with my dress this week but I was able to get the top and bottom together and (sort of) fitted the bottom. My next step is to attach some straps and then do the zipper as well as any last fitting adjustments. I also want to add some kind of something (descriptive huh?) in the front where that center seam is. Again, this would be a million times easier with an adjustable dress form! The one in the picture is a size too large so the dress doesn't fit. But, it gives you a better idea of what it looks like rather than laying it on my bed again. Even if it is crooked.

I really didn't do much else this week. I've had my nose buried in the Clan of the Cave Bear.

In case you're wondering, we're having homemade pizza tonight. It's a staple in this house. Tonight it will be loaded with sausage (from the meat market in the next town, yum!) and mushrooms (kind of yuck).

Have a good weekend everyone!


jean said...

i really like that it is cute

Sara said...

very impressive!! :)