Oct 13, 2010

Jeff needed to run a few hockey-related errands in town yesterday so I took the opportunity to hit up Goodwill. I have been wanting to get there for quite a while but had never set aside the time. He dropped me off (and took Adrian!) with the question of whether I would be fine for that long because it might take awhile. I assured him I would and there were plenty of other departments to browse if I was indeed left waiting. I barely made it through the women's department before he called and I was saying, "You're on your way already?!" There's never enough time for resale shopping!

I found this striped shirt for around $3 and was slightly disappointed when I looked at the tag after buying it. It is by Merona which is sold by Target. I probably could have found it cheaper than that on clearance. Oh well, I like the stripes and I have a lot to work with since it is many sizes too big. I haven't decided what to do with it yet, I have way too many ideas which leads me to believe that I need to upcycle more often! You'll be seeing this again on a future Friday!

I also got this blazer for $6.99. I plan to resize it to fit me, remove those shoulder pads(!), and use it as a dress coat this winter. It might be slightly warmer than the one I've been using for the past 6 years. (And that's not an exaggeration.)
I had been hoping to find a dress to refashion but I didn't have any luck. I know there are at least 3 other resale shops to search but I suppose I could work on the projects I have piled up for now!


Amanda Kay said...

When did you get the dress form??