May 23, 2012

My Man

I mentioned a while back that Jeff had started a blog to document his weight loss journey. He did a full round of P90X and he looks like a totally different person. Go check out his results!

This time around, his attitude was completely different, he's learning more about nutrition...which you would undoubtedly know if you have talked to him AT ALL in the last few months. To say it has become an obsession is an understatement. I couldn't be happier. I've been learning a lot about our food and health in general (we take a holistic approach if you haven't caught that yet) in the last few years so it has been pretty awesome to have him getting just as excited about certain topics.

BTW, when I flipped over to the P90X page to grab the link Adrian shouted, "That's P Nondy Eks!" (He's a bit of a Yooper doncha know.) Yeah, we've seen a bit of Tony Horton lately.

Now he's onto round 2, be sure to follow along! (And I'll be sure to remind him to blog more often.)
(And we'll try to remember to take the pictures the same way each time.)


Gram said...

Fire up for you (both). I have a partner here, who just can't get interested. And he never feels good. It's gotta come from within for sure.

Jodi Ann said...

So my husband just mentioned getting the P90X program the other day. I couldn't remember who's blog I'd seen their husband doing it, but now I know, it's you!! I'll show my husband your husband's link.

Heidi Sue said...

Gram, isn't that the truth! I ran a half marathon 2 years ago and while I was training Jeff starting running a little bit but it never took off. I'm so glad he found the motivation to do this.

Sara said...

I haven't seen him in real life but pics. here and there and I've been so amazed at how great he looks! He looks younger too! - which is def. an added bonus! ;) that we are all envious of!