May 18, 2012

Downstate Rundown

Wednesday: Surprised Dad. Or tried to. Amanda, Kaitlin, and Gretchen were expected and Jen showed up to my dad's surprise. We were hiding out at Lassila's (we didn't actually get in until 10) but I heard that Jen's kids met my dad at the end of the driveway when he came home from work. Fun! Later, as everyone was sitting around visiting he asked if Jeff and Heidi were here too. This obviously wasn't rehearsed because everyone fell completely silent which was a dead giveaway. Ha! Oh well, it was so much fun to get most of the family in town for the weekend.

Thursday: Woke up to go garage saleing with my mom and sisters but got a stomachache a half hour before they were supposed to pick me up. So weird since I never get stomachaches. I thought I was sick but I felt completely fine after a few hours and they happened to be at a nearby garage sale so I met up with them then. We stopped at Panera Bread for lunch and then went on our merry way. Spent the rest of the evening with my family since Jeff's mom was working.

Friday: Basically a repeat of Thursday but no stomachache (yay!) and meeting at Leo's for lunch.

I spy my former boss.

My mom made spaghetti for supper and I bought some spaghetti squash for everyone to try. I think everyone who tried it liked it. Woohoo! I love when that happens!

Not sure if I should say this or not but Adrian is sitting next to me insisting that the above picture is Grandma and Papa. In case you're confused too, this is actually his Uncle Mark and Auntie Jen.

Saturday: We spent the morning with Lassila's where Jeff made smoothies yet again. He dug out the long lost forgotten blender while we were there and now everyone's hooked on smoothies.

That evening, we had a 60th birthday party for my dad. Totally looks like I'm about to lose my hold on Isaac here, sorry buddy. I'll blame it on the awkwardly close camera. I meant to get a better picture later but it never happened.

We were able to meet Isaac's newest cousins.

Aria and Isaac. Not pictured, a sweet little boy cousin who was born a month after my little dude.

Sunday: Mother's Day! We were up late every night and by the time we got home on Saturday night I was ridiculously exhausted. The congregation is building a new church this year and our previous church sold so for now they are renting a local (unused) school and having services at two separate times on Sunday morning. We had planned to go to the 8:30 service but we didn't even wake up until 9 so we ended up going for 11:30. Afterwards, we headed to Kensington where we had a delicious grilled lunch prepared by my father-in-law. We also made it to the farm. I've been wanting to take Adrian but it never worked out during other trips.

We made a quick stop at my mom and dad's to say "good-bye" before finished off the evening on the back deck back at the Lassila's.

Adrian walked around with these goggles for the longest time. They go with a workbench and tools that he loves to play with.

It was a really great Mother's Day!

If you're still reading at this point, have a fantastic weekend!


Amanda Kay said...

haha - kids and their crazy antics - saying it's Grandma and Papa!
Love Adrian's goggles!

~ Jennifer J. said...

Oh Adrian! - got a good laugh out of that one! :)

~ J