May 22, 2012

An Early Summer?

We have been having some awesome beach weather lately. I have to admit, it's not so awesome when we have to do stuff inside but when we get a chance to skip across the street and enjoy a nice breeze off the lake, it's pretty awesome.

Totally awkward picture, I know, but he kept looking up like that even when no one was there to talk to him.

Hey, look! I was there too! I have to keep handing the camera to Jeff so it's actually documented that I'm part of this family. It's working, I'm starting to appear in our pictures. ;)

Sundays are perfect for relaxing guilt-free for hours on the beach. This one is no Lake Superior but it sure is convenient! I went with the boys in the afternoon and then again when Jeff was home in the evening.

We went the next day it summer already?

Big Brother needs a swimsuit. One more thing to add to my sewing list. It just keep growing.Until then, he doesn't mind splashing around in a pair of gym shorts.

It was so windy yesterday that the 80 degree temps actually felt quite comfortable down by the lake. I was able to wrap Isaac up in the beach blanket while he slumbered so he wouldn't get pelted with whatever flew our way.

It was so windy, I eventually had to use our water bottles to hold the blanket down so he didn't get completely covered up.

Little buddy slept the entire time.

We had some pretty dark clouds overhead and I was sure it was going to downpour so I packed us up as quickly as I could and sure enough, it started raining humongous drops. We ran halfway home (Adrian too since I hadn't brought the stroller) and by that point it had stopped. Ha. We must have looked like fools. Hopefully someone else had a good laugh anyways.

It did end up storming in the evening and the temperature dropped about 30 degrees. It was awesome. I'm loving the 60's today.


Amanda Kay said...

I love that top picture of your chubby little baby!!

Sara said...

Fun pics! Darling little babes!! and love that Adrian always wears shades! - too cute!