May 3, 2012

Good Morning, Sunshine!

My latest breakfast:

I really struggle with finding tasty, filling, and healthy breakfast ideas. I really, really wish I liked eggs, but the truth is, I really don't. I can handle a veggie and sausage/bacon stuffed omelet every once in a while and quiches are good every month or so. As for hard boiled eggs: I could probably eat one every six months. Eh. I recently tried steel-cut oats which I really like. They have more protein and a chewier texture than rolled oats. I first heard about cooking quinoa like oatmeal quite a while ago and finally tried it a week or so ago. I soaked it overnight in coconut milk and cooked it in the morning, just like oatmeal. I added cinnamon, a lot of cinnamon, I really like cinnamon. I sweetened it with a bit of agave nectar and topped it with raw almonds and bananas. It was pretty good, still very quinoa-y, but definitely bearable and it left me feeling a bit more full than oatmeal does. The next day, I topped it with almond butter and bananas. It was really good! The almond butter covered the quinoa taste more than the whole almonds. I found a new breakfast (until I get sick of this too). I think it would also be really tasty with toasted coconut flakes.

If you have any great breakfast ideas that don't include eggs as a main ingredient, please share!


Gram said...

That is a really good photo. I can't wait til morning!