May 21, 2012

Cowboys Caviar and Seagulls

We've made the unofficial commitment to stay away from fast food in the last year or so. It's a pretty loose commitment and I guess, technically, we break it every time we eat at BG. Anyways, it forces us to put at least a tiny bit of thought into the meals we eat when we're on the road.

During our most recent trip downstate we tried the Cowboy Caviar (an exciting alternative to salsa!) from Costco and it was so good! Jeff picked up a container along with some Food Should Taste Good multigrain chips and we had our lunch for the ride home. It was a gorgeous day so we took advantage and stopped at the Mackinac Bridge to eat.

While they waited for Isaac to eat, Jeff taught Little A to chase after the seagulls.

With his trusty water bottle in hand of course.


jodi said...

Oh my gosh, the sunglasses and water's too much cuteness right there! :) And that sweet little baby chin and chubby cheeks...your kids are totally adorable.

Cami said...

my goal this year is no fast food for me or the kids...and you know what, i don't even want it. but it does require planning meals to eat in the car when traveling, especially on the way up north when you don't have a panera bread choice.

~ Jennifer J. said...

We unofficially quit fast food about 2 or 3 years ago. But, I have to admit, we did do some DQ while I was pregnant. And I didn't plan very well for our trip so we ate it then, too. Hoping to stick to going without again as much as we can from here on out though!

Years back, we'd always grab it while out garage saling - now it just takes a little more planning, but it's so worth it to take your own lunch. You just feel so much better eating healthy.

~ J

Yvonne said...

oh!man. that bridge makes me homesick. oh.wait. iam home!

Heidi Sue said...

Cami, I'm with you! I love Panera Bread and I think they even have gluten-free options now but there aren't any around us.

Jen, how did the rest of the fam like Border Grill?