Jan 13, 2011

So far this week:

We filed our taxes!
Jeff had a sore throat that has now been passed to Adrian and myself
Adrian has been unusually crabby--probably because he was getting sick
I am exhausted--also due to this sore throat stuff
I've been to the chiropractor. My tailbone has been out of place for over 2 years now and I'm finally getting it back to normal! Adrian gets scared every time we go, I think he believes the doctor is hurting me. He did better today than he has in past appointments, I think he would have been fine if he wasn't feeling sick.
We tried parsnips for the first time. Exciting right? They are in season so I gave them a try. I roasted them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme. They were okay, similar in taste to pumpkin seeds, oddly enough.
Adrian and I went sledding early in the week, he loves it! Snow in his face though, not so much!
I went to bible class by myself because my boys weren't feeling well. I had to work in the kitchen and some of the other ladies on my committee couldn't make it so I didn't want to miss it.
I was an auntie one more time! My sister Sara had a baby girl--oh wait, that was last week. Close enough!
Adrian clomped around in his boots. A lot. He can't put them on by himself so he is always asking me for 'hep, hep.'
I fixed a problem with our computer. It has been heating up very quickly when it's open and the fan is constantly blowing. Last night, I had it on for about an hour and it was so hot it felt like it could burn my skin! I checked hp's website and after downloading updated BIOS (whatever that is) it has stayed cool.
Adrian has played in his johnny jump-up. Yeah, I'm serious. I keep it under the couch so it's handy if babies come to visit. He found it one day last week and he keeps asking me to put him in it. He jumps and spins. What a nut!
I was told that I may inherit 5 million dollars from a 'relative' in some republic. I just needed to send him all my personal information to get things started. That was on a facebook friend request.
I neglected my blog. I'm hope you noticed. I think I'll be back tomorrow. Maybe once I wake in the morning I'll remember whether or not I made anything this week.


Sara said...

getting a kick out of your big boy in the johnny-jump-up! can just picture it!..haha

kaitlin said...

you filed your taxes already?? wow, way to be on top of it!