Jan 6, 2011

In no Particular Order...

A few pictures from Christmas with our families. (Although truthfully, the majority of my pictures are from my mom and dad's house because I forgot my camera there every time we went to visit Jeff's family. I'll have to steal their pictures from facebook...)

I bet you never knew we had an elf in the family....

Dan the Man learning some more facts. He loves to read. He has read the Harry Potter series so many times that he can tell you the titles to all of the chapters! Seriously, quiz him next time you see him! 

My Dad and Jen's husband Mark held a few 'jam sessions.'

This is Kendall, Amanda's little girly. Or "Di-da"  to Adrian.

This was Christmas Eve, Grandma (my mom) gave all the grandkids jammies. This was pretty late already and Little A was pretty worn out. It looks like Uncle Brett was more excited about this gift! 

Jennifer gave her kiddos a vintage telescope (also on Christmas Eve). They were so excited!

Rather than getting a gift for everyone, our family exchanges names every year. This year Danny wanted Brett's name so bad (as he does every year, I'm sure) and he got lucky! My mom let him choose the gift and he thought Brett would just love to have a Lions fan mask. (Check out Aapos face in this picture.) Brett is pretty good about getting Dan fired up about things, Dan was pretty proud of his gift!

This year, we switched the name exchange up a bit. Girls and guys were seperate and the girls handmade their gifts. We have some pretty creative people in this family! I don't have pictures of all of the gifts (Jennifer and my mom have more pictures from Christmas). Kaitlin made this dolphin for Molly using felt. She has quite the emerging talent, we are all wondering when she will open a shop on Etsy!

This quilt for my mom was made by Sara who also makes the bibs, burp cloths, and pacifier clips for Circle Boutique.  (If you haven't seen those yet, check them out, she uses some really fun fabric!)

I upcycled this apron for Gretchen. I'll show you the 'before' picture tomorrow. 

When my family gathers together, we are all about the games. These next few shots are from Guesstures, if you'll notice the clock, that would be a.m., not p.m. This is my big brother Wade, I'm not sure what his word was here.

I have no idea what Keeks is laughing about here but I love this picture because it reminds me of all the laughter this game provides!

We were playing for quite a while with Dan before we realized he never had a turn. Boy did we miss out! He has always been an entertainer and he didn't dissappoint! He really gets into his act although, we did have Gretchen help him out a few times so he didn't get stuck on the same word. Like when he had 'muzzle' and started flexing his 'muscles!' 

Dan, Jeanie, Carter, Aapo, and Nikayda opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Adrian and me trying out his teepee for the first time. (More pictures of that tomorrow as well.)

And some point on Christmas morning, Adrian left the crowd to figure out this slinky.

With Grandma.

Kendall with my dad, Papa Freddie. Or just Papa.

Spaghetti face playing with Auntie Jenny (Jeff's sister) in the cardboard box playhouse.

Aapo, Nikayda, Jeanie, and Jeffery. It really struck me when Keeks said these kids (Aapo and Nikayda) are old enough to play games with the bigger kids now. My, how fast they grow!

Carter playing with a balloon he got in his stocking.

Was that enough pictures?? I think those were all of the decent ones I had.

Until next time!


Meredith said...

oh man, these make me wish it were Christmas time all over again already:) so fun!

Amanda Kay said...

I love the picture of mom and adrian.