Jan 20, 2011

a few things

>Sometimes I don't capitalize any words in my title because I don't remember the correct way to do it.
>That goes for a lot of my grammar actually...
>Jeff and I are going on a date tonight! I'm so excited! We don't get out often enough and I recently talked to another friend who wanted to switch babysitting with someone else. Now I have 2 people to call if I want to go out without Adrian!
>I had another appointment with the chiropractor this morning. Adrian cried the entire time. Again. I can't wait for him to warm up to that place! I have a few sore spots today on my neck and back which is to be expected since my entire spine is being realigned. There is hope for a straight spine for this lady!
>I am currently working on a skirt that looks similar to this. I am hoping to get it done for tomorrow's feature!
>I am thinking about going to a workshop set up by Lanni Lantto next month. Except, now I'm not so sure, I just saw that the time is 1-3pm which is my little dude's nap time. I'll have to see if I can work something out. They meet three times.
>I fully plan to convince Jeff to go thrift shopping tonight. Do you think it will work? We still have Christmas money to spend and we have been looking for a bookcase. Wish us luck! (Well, wish me luck, first!)


Sharyn said...

ooh, you HAVE to work something out - that looks so fun!

Amanda Kay said...

I would definitely find a way to go to the workshop. That looks pretty sweet!

Heidi Sue said...

It's settled...I have a babysitter lined up for all three dates. I'm going!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

That workshop looks so fun! You're going to love it. I've been really wishing for a mixed media art workshop around here (although, I can't really do one right now -- but hopefully later this year it might work out).

~ J