Jan 11, 2011

Etsy Taste Test

Have you tried Etsy's Taste Test? I'm always checking out Etsy for ideas and inspiration as well as the chance to be completely awed by the talent of some people out there! But, if you have ever done the same thing you'll know how overwhelming it can be, Etsy is huge! The Taste Test generates an enormous list of items that suit your taste. It has become my latest obsession. Here are a few things it found for me today:

The Craft Pantry

Bed Buggs Boutique

Yorktown Road

The Vintage Supply Co.

Tippy Thai


Kaitlin said...

haha I've been doing it a little bit. there's something about staring at gorgeous things that just makes you happy. I'm so glad they everything's so expensive I would never buy it, otherwise I might go nuts and spend all my money.