Apr 1, 2009

Let's get those creative juices flowing!

Do you ever get that feeling? You know, when you're just aching to do something, anything, creative? I usually get that feeling when I'm tired. Go figure. In this case, I'm tired and feeling nasty from this cold. Plus, I am so incredibly frustrated because I don't really have anything to create. So throw me some ideas, I just want to do something!

Here's what's on my list of things to make:

Curtains for my living room, as well as both bedrooms, but mostly my living room, I'm still looking for the right fabric

A piece of wall art that will be a gift for a friend, actually two pieces, actually I just need frames

Our wedding album, I need to order prints and buy the actual album, hopefully I can find one downstate, otherwise I have everything else

Do you see the trend here? I have part of what I need for everything. Well, that is, if you count an idea a part of something. I do!

I was thinking of buying this chandelier from IKEA for my dark little living room:

Buuuut, now I'm thinking I should just make one. That is, if I can make one for even less than this costs. Somewhere along the lines of a wire basket hung upside down decorated with some kind of beads or sparkly things. I know it wouldn't be hard, it's just a matter of IF I'll ever get around to doing it, and I want a light NOW.


Anonymous said...

love love love that chandelier!! i have seen it at ikea a few times there is a bigger one too, cute!

Amanda Kay said...

So it kinda looks like you have a good list of projects going...not sure you need to add to it!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

I just saw a really awesome chandelier that you could put your own take on! Seriously, like two seconds before I hit your blog.

Here is the URL, it's the one made with the wire basket and beaded garland. I love it!:


Barbara said...

I love the idea of doing your own chandelier!

Do it!

Then let us all see what it looks like!

Pretty Please!