Apr 9, 2009

Fire up!

The bags are packed, the house is almost clean, and the car is a disaster. We're ready to go!
Actually...Jeff still has to go to work tomorrow. Bummer dude. He almost was going to take the day off tomorrow and use a "floating holiday." So we almost could have been downstate tomorrow afternoon. And he almost could have played hockey with the guys tomorrow evening. And I almost could have gone out to breakfast with the girls on Saturday morning.
But, the boss didn't say yes. He did even almost say yes.
So we'll still be there Saturday afternoon. And I was so excited! Okay, okay, I'm still super excited to go down there even if we do have to wait until Saturday!
Guess that gives me a chance to clean the car tomorrow!


Megan Lorraine said...

Have a good time and a happy Easter! See you when you get back!