Apr 27, 2009

Baby, Curtains, and Car

Jeff and I were able to see our newest niece this weekend. Kendall is such a cutie, congratulations again Amanda and Paul! And as usual, I completely forgot to get a picture so check out Amanda's blog to see their beautiful baby girl!

I think spring is here. Do I dare say that? If it starts snowing again, I'm terribly sorry! This weather just makes me so happy! And it puts me in the mood to clean. And to just be productive in general; I got such an itch to make something today so I finally cut up some beautiful fabric that I've had for some time now (Heather Baily for Pop Garden). I starting making curtains for our spare bedroom. The only problem with those impromptu sewing sessions is that I came to a standstill quite quickly. I need some pretty ribbon to separate the two fabrics that I used and I also need fabric to back it with to finish it off. So I'll be on the lookout for good deals on both!

Jeff dropped the car off today before going fishing with Tom T. I received a call from the dealer a while later and apparently what I hoped would be a quick fix is actually going to be quite expensive. The radio doesn't turn off when you turn the car off so it's killing the battery, he's had to jump it about twelve times in the last four days. It needs a new something something...I really don't know car lingo and I think I was more shocked by the price than anything. But even more than the money, the problem is time and the fact that we only own that one car. So I'm not sure when it will be fixed considering they will probably have to order the part.
Grumble, grumble...

Wasn't I just saying we have so much to be thankful for? Guess it's time to count my blessings!


Anonymous said...

Sound like cute curtains i love that heather bailey fabric! sorry to hear about the car, thats not fun with only one car! are you two going to be heading down for graduation weekend??