Apr 29, 2009

Three Things that make Me Happy

I love when Jeff helps me dry the dishes, especially when I have a particularly large amount, when I have so many that they won't all fit stacked into this little drying rack without tumbling down and needing another "bath."

My Kitchenaid mixer!! I love this thing! Thanks again to Jeff's aunts and uncles for so graciously gifting this to us when we were married. Without this, I would not make all of our bread rather than buying it and consuming who knows what it is they put in that stuff these days. And without this, I would probably look like Popeye because I would actually have to knead my dough by hand if I actually dared to make it without this lovely appliance. (And that's a strong motor, don't stick your hand in it, it will hurt.)

And number three: this little baby of ours that sometimes kicks so hard you can actually see my belly move. And right now I think it's doing a cartwheel...


Loretta Marie said...

Aaw.. Heidi! you belly is so cute!

Emma Gwen said...

your getting soo big!!! :) cant wait to see you next month!