Mar 23, 2009

Oh baby!

I now hold in my possession, six more pictures of our darling 11 ounce baby.
I am at 19 weeks (if I told you 20, I'm sorry, I just had to double check the calendar) so it was time for another ultrasound. And again, I had to try so hard not to laugh, it's just so much fun to see! I think our baby had hiccups and he/she kept kicking my belly. Looks like we'll have an active little one! Not to mention a thumb-sucker. Those ultrasound machines are just so amazing. It's incredible that I am able to see my baby right now, all of its bones, its brain, and even its little heart beating away!
We're halfway there! In about 20 more weeks, we'll be able to meet our little one!


Anonymous said...

read down and saw the photo of your bump. Your Beautiful Heidi!

Yvonne ~ A Fighting Optimist said...

such a miracle! and to think when that baby is the size of an eraser even, it has every adult organ but in miniature. people say miracles are hard to come by in these times? not so!
thanx for blogging.