Mar 21, 2009

Dear Heloise,

How do I get that blue ring off of my toilet bowl?

I know some people may struggle with rusty red rings or limey white rings, but mine is blue. Now, I do love blue, but not in my toilet. No amount of scrubbing seems to help and letting the toilet bowl cleaner sit for a while doesn't help either...maybe because that is blue too?

Any suggestions?

-A frustrated toilet scrubber.


Aleena said...

I use "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner for my rust, and it does wonders, no clue if it would help for your blue, and you can even find it at the Dollar Tree.

Anonymous said...

straight vinegar usually works for everything

Amanda Kay said...

Dear Frustrated Toilet Scrubber-

It was nice to see you on Saturday. There is a SLIGHT, and I emphasize slight, possibility that we will be back in 3 weeks, April 10th and 11th for the night because Paul plays again. But that is a week before the big day so I'm not really sure about it yet.

Cami said...

You could try "bar keepers friend", found with the other cleaning supplies, usually next to the comet.

Experienced Damager of Vintage Bottles said...

Dear Frustrated Toilet Scrubber,

Blue rings are quite peculiar. I don't believed I've encountered a blue ring before. I'm most puzzled as to what has caused such a phenomenon. Hmmmm... I am wondering if Whink would work. Whink is the secret weapon used by a certain junking friend of mine to clean out old bottles that are caked with lots of thick rusty or otherwise unclassified goop and gum. And, it has taken everything out. Even Mrs. Stewart's bluing, which, of course, is blue. Don't let it sit for any longer than 20 minutes or it will start to eat away at the enamel (or glass, as is the case with the bottles).

-- Experienced Whink User, or otherwise known as, experienced damager of vintage bottles

Or, you can just call me Heloise