Mar 10, 2009

I forgot to take care of my baby


I didn't change her until she literally soaked through her entire diaper and I had to be prompted by Jennifer to feed her. (Baby cereal and fruit were on the menu.)

But she was happy!

Every time I dream about my baby, I am such a bad mom! And my baby is always a girl. I really have no preference as far as gender is concerned, I just keep picturing a girl. And every time I tell Jeff about these dreams he always says "you won't be a bad mom." Sometimes he feels the need to add, "and it's a boy."

Not that I think I will be a bad mom either. I just keep dreaming that I will be. My baby is always happy though, that's good right?


molly said...

at first i was like what the heck.. she didnt have her baby :] haha

Amy L said...

I totally have strange dreams when I am pregnant. Sometimes really scary and vivid that I remember for days.

Anonymous said...

haha funny ;] I had a few dreams too that I was going to be a bad mom when I was pregnant for Kael.

Amanda Kay said...

I have had MANY crazy dreams. Which I have been meaning to tell Jen about one I had about her...very interesting! ha ha! But yes, prepare yourself for many wacked out dreams. Although for some reason I have never had a dream about the baby.

Cami said...

Crazy dreams come with pregnancy and don't go away anytime soon, guess you learn to find the humor in them. : ) And if you're dreaming that it's a girl, Jeff's probably's a boy.

Just for fun, google "chinese birth chart". Follow the steps to see what it predicts you're having. My SIL did it for all four of her kids and it's been right every time.

Bridget said...

Hey! I had lots of weird dreams too... and I always dreamed I was having a boy! but what do you know I had a girl!