Mar 9, 2009

4 months and counting

We just returned from the doctor's. Everything is good, the heartbeat still sounds good and I gained six pounds since last month. Well, if you ask me it's more like three since I had actually lost weight at the last appointment due to the flu. But some gain is better than none right?
I somehow got lucky and saw the same doctor as last month without even requesting her. She asked if I had any questions. I had about two but I had to tell her that I was number eight out of a family of fourteen so I usually just call my mom if I needed to know something. I didn't want her to think I was afraid to ask or something. She just laughed and said "then you can probably do this on your own can't you?" I really like her, she sees most of the ladies from church so it's nice to have someone who knows a little bit about my background!


molly said...

cant wait to see that belly of yours! :]

Paul said...

So glad your appt went well Cant wait to see you. love mom L

Anonymous said...

So exciting these months ahead will be for both of you guys. Wait till the baby starts kicking, so thrilling!!
Love, Grandma L

Anonymous said...

FOUR MONTHS ALREADY!?!? HOLY WAHHHH That did fly by. Call me sometime, and lets meet up for coffee. What the heck, we live what 10 miles away, and I never even see you. By the way, I saw your husband on the way up this weekend.. Didn't realize it was him til my lead-foot friend Kristin passed him. hehe :)