Mar 11, 2009

A boy?

I checked out the Chinese birth chart that Cami mentioned and lo and behold, it predicts that I will have a boy.

I couldn't help chuckling at that. The funny thing is, I've been feeling the baby move recently and I keep joking that maybe it is a boy because it moves so much. Plus, when the doctor was listening to the heartbeat the other day, there was a lot of movement as well.

Time will tell! (We are not planning on finding out beforehand)

My "E" ky isn't working right. Dos anyon hav any suggstions as to how to safly clan a kyboard? It's not rally sticky, I just hav to push it hard.


Laura Jean said...

LOL! Have you tried the compressed air duster? That's what I use when ever gunk gets under the keys. It sur would b a bummr to not hav an "E" ky. :P

Aleena said...

We just had a sticky a, Joshua just took the key off and cleaned it, worked great!

Cami said...

So...time will tell if it's a boy or not. I didn't do it for Dominik but for this baby it says girl (i've thought it was a girl all along, so I'll be shocked if if isn't. and we didn't find out at our ultrasound either, so much that way)

Loretta Marie said...

I checked out the chinese calendar too. It predicted that I was going to have a girl.. and guess what, I did! Same results for Alanna and her Teija. Hope your feeling good! See you this weekend!

Sue said...

Chinese calendar was right for all but one (I think it was only one) of my kids.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! nice to read about you again. how exciting to be feeling the baby move! Believe me movement does not judge the sex of the baby LOL maybe just how active they might me after they are born LOL you are so lucky to have Jeff I think he will be the best dad!