Jul 25, 2012

Tumble Dry on Low Heat

Maybe it's just the coffee from this morning getting me all excited yet not quite anxious, but I feel like a little kid right now. Both boys are sleeping, the house is quiet. I should be sewing!! Or packing! Or cleaning! Or doing laundry! But I feel kind of free right now. And I'm pretty sure that one cup of coffee (and the rest of the chocolate...) is making me all giddy and excited.

 I quit coffee about a year ago because I was drinking way too much (and by way too much--don't laugh--I meant several cups a day) and it makes my blood sugar go crazy and gives me anxiety and heart palpitations. I thought that after avoiding it for this long I wouldn't even like it. Yet, every time I smell it, I crave it.

For the first few days in our new house, Jeff was riding his bike to the gas station (2 blocks away) and buying coffee so I figured I would be saving us money to just buy the good stuff and make it ourselves. Except, I had to try it. And now I'm having a hard time sticking to just 1 cup a day. Yum. And now I remember why I love it so much. Maybe it's just a mental game but sipping on coffee makes me feel like I can conquer anything. Or at least clean the house or implement a really cool design idea. Perhaps that explains my crazed need to paint, paint, PAINT! (No painting has occurred yet.)

Anyways, my sister Kaitlin stopped by yesterday with her boyfriend, Aaron. She said she was glad she was able to see the house before I did anything to it. Most of my sisters have told me they can't wait to see what I do with the place. Oh my goodness, as if I wasn't impatient enough, now I have the added pressure of all of them waiting to see what I do. Luckily, Jeff is basically letting me have free range and do what I want. He said he'll stop me if it gets too crazy.

Darn coffee. If I didn't have summer vacation plans coming up I could rip out the carpeting on the stairs.


jodi said...

ohhh man. coffee. its my one true love. I mean, not really, but kind of. haha! I love it and it's funny because I used to really hate it. I started craving it when I got pregnant, of all times to start craving it! But I totally know what you mean...it's the ritual of sipping coffee that makes me think I can pretty much do anything. :) Can't wait to see your decor changes to the house.

Sara said...

I hear ya on the coffee sista! I quit it too last year but then last spring decided to try a cup one morning...and now it might be a cup or 3. (trying to ignore the heart palpitations...ugh...why does it have to be so good?!)