Jul 10, 2012

I Love the U.P.

I've been absent lately and I probably will be for a while yet. We spent a week and a half downstate with both of our families in crazy hot weather.  I think my lens was fogged up a little in this picture, it was so blasted humid. It was a fun time but it definitely made me appreciate the U.P. summers! I was so glad to step out of the car to a cool 64 degrees on Sunday evening.

This week, we're packing up and we should be sleeping in our new house by the weekend!!  Anyways, obviously super busy with kiddos to take care of in the meantime. I'm so thankful that my friend Kate offered to take Adrian tomorrow. While he's out having fun Isaac and I will be inside sweating and hopefully getting tons of shtuff packed away.

Until next time.


Yvonne said...

exciting times!
and not to trump your story but... i remember when i was at the end of my pregnancy with Chelsey and i had to pack up our house (we had no air conditioning) during the hottest summer on record. whew; but i lived to tell about it and her baby book has a few newspaper clippings to confirm it.
"what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" (well sometimes, it makes us stronger, lol)

Sara said...

You are lucky to live in the u.p. - the summers are awesome up there!!