Jul 27, 2012

3 Weeks Ago

I never did post pictures from downstate. For anyone interested. ;)

On one of the hot, hot evenings, Granny Molly was knitting away on a dishcloth or something and it soon turned into a group finger-knitting craze.Even her boyfriend Paul decided to try it out.

Actually, now that I think about it, he was the one that started it all.

My mother-in-law planned a surprise 50th birthday party for my father-in-law. The guys took him fishing that day to get him out of the house and that morning the girls went to a bridal shower for Jeff's aunt, Kathy.

There are about 15 paper plate fans missing from this picture. It was in the 90's and no. air. In fact, when we first arrived, the power was out so we didn't even have fans. The chocolate covered strawberries were good even if they were melting.

Luckily, it cooled down for the party that afternoon. And it was a total surprise! I love when that happens, it's so much more fun with the surprise is a success.

There was food stashed in Katie's closet and at one point, at my mom and dad's. Jeff's dad was on his way home from work and was planning to pull something out of the downstairs freezer to cook for dinner. No one was home so Jeff had to run over and pull the pork out of the freezer before he got home. Whew. It all worked out in the end. Maybe a little too well...their neighbor is an awesome baker/cook and offered to make cupcakes for the party. I'm avoiding wheat and I had 2. And I wanted another. They were amazing!

In other news, Adrian learned to swim with arm floaties. (Water wings? are we the only one that call them floaties?)

And Isaac couldn't figure out what was tickling his neck.


Sharyn said...

love your shower photo - seriously the hottest shower EVER! LOL