Jul 19, 2012

Mowing his Own Lawn

Babies are magic. I just had a few paragraphs typed out and with one click of a button, Isaac deleted it all and then just like that, blogger auto-saved the blank page. Does anyone ever feel like typing again after that happens??

I'll try my best.

Here is the picture I had posted to go with the title:

The gist of the post was that after over 4 years of apartment living (both here and downstate) I am so thankful to have a house. And I'm so glad that Pinterest is around now so that I can really make our house look like, well, ours. And without putting us further into the debt that we are paying off.

I have so many plans for this house. Most of the immediate plans involve lots and lots of paint. Mom isn't so sure about the chartreuse entry way I have in mind. ;)

Interrupted to add: Why is it so funny that Adrian is walking around with his bee (butterfly) net on his head even when he is supposed to be taking a nap?? (Jeff is planning to raise bees starting next year for anyone not fortunate enough to have had a conversation with him recently.)

Adrian's room will be grey and the kitchen cabinets (now a very dark stain) will be teal. That's all that I know for sure right now, but I'll be sure to post pictures if I change so much as a piece of trim. If you look at my Home Sweet House board on Pinterest, you'll see exactly what my house will look like by next week.

I'm super impatient to get started but we do actually have a trip to the camp coming up and the whole trying-to-enjoy-summer-while-it's-here thing. Which is awesome by the way; the previous owners left a patio table (which will be getting some spray-paint treatment eventually) so we have been eating breakfast, lunch, and supper out on the deck with half the town as an audience.

Speaking of enjoying summer, Adrian is NOT taking any sort of rest whatsoever so we are heading to the outdoors. Peace out.


Kaitlin said...

Excited to see what you do with the house! :)

Heidi Sue said...

Me too! haha! I can't wait to get started!