Jul 26, 2012

Little Schemer

So sweet, going to give me a kiss.

Scheming to lick me. Stinker.


jodi said...

haha! sneaky sneaky boy! :)

Heather said...

Haha! Kael used to pull that one all the time! Do you have a covered porch? Jealous! So weird...I had a dream about your new house last night, I don't know but we were having a bbq ;]

Heidi Sue said...

Heather, I do! I probably say at least once a day, "we are so lucky to have a porch!" Most of it is open but this part is the perfect size for a table.
I wish we could have a bbq! A grill is still on the mile-long list of things to buy for the house. Stop by sometime if you're even passing through, it's only a few blocks off the highway!

Sara said...

haha...love his little face! :)