Dec 31, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We enjoyed a wonderful week-and-a-half downstate with both sides of the family for Christmas. Our computer was with us, but I never took the time to blog. My sisters Amanda and Jennifer were also in town (with their families, of course). In that time, we did some shopping, threw a surprise birthday party for my brother Dan, got spoiled with some new gadgets, and even sneaked in a day date. Unfortunately, my camera didn't make the return trip with us so I don't actually have pictures of any of the above at this time.
Today, we are taking it easy and trying to find our groove again. Whatever that means for us. I have plenty to do and Adrian is currently throwing a fit. He slept till 9:30 today, but I don't think he's quite 'caught up' with his sleep yet after such a busy week.
This picture was our Christmas card this year--if you're local, and I don't have your address, it's still coming to you! They finally arrived the day we left so I passed out a lot of them at church on Christmas and sent out what I could. BTW, I emailed Snapfish, telling them how irritated I was with the 3 weeks it took to receive my cards and they refunded my order.

Happy New Year to you and yours!


Jodi Ann said...

Happy new year to you and your family! Sounds like you've had a wonderful Christmas. :)