Dec 2, 2011

a few snapshots from our visit with the families

Adrian and Kendall playing with the Push 'n' Go vehicles in Grandma's kitchen.
Jenny peeling, coring, and slicing apples for a Thanksgiving pie.
Jenna and Mom-in-law, Paula, making pie crust.
Grandpa and Adrian
Adrian and Auntie Jenna. How uncomfortable does he look??
The kiddos with Grandma and her i-pod.
Uncle Brett with his i-pad and Bentley with his i-phone. NBD.
Adrian coloring with Auntie Katie. 
Jeff and Adrian at the Fantasy of Lights Parade.


Gretchen said...

Love the pictures! The one with Jenna cracks me up! He looks SUPER comfy!

Sharyn said...

hey - I saw that last scene at the parade

jenny said...

i love the one with adorable

Amanda Kay said...

Cute! I WILL take pictures Christmas time, I wILL take pictures Christmas time!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Loved these pictures! I miss that little dude so much. He looks so much like his grandpa in that one with him and Paul - must have similar profiles.

That picture with Jenna cracks me up - love his little expression.

These pictures are making me homesick. I miss everyone!


Kaitlin said...

cute! I laughed so hard at the one of him and Jenna!
Our fam looks so high-tech haha

Sara said...

oh fun!! Looks like he got lots of lovin' on your trip!