Dec 12, 2011

Decking the Halls

Jeff picked up our tree on Saturday evening. (For the locals, there are trees starting at $10 in Ish...) We have never made a big outing of Christmas tree hunting, but then maybe that's because we don't cut down our own. Someday, but for now it's so much easier to buy one, especially when we can get it that cheap. While Jeff was out, Adrian and I rearranged the living room to fit out tree.

Adrian likes to be right in there 'helping.' (He's sitting next to me now telling me, "Mom, Adrian helping Dad?")

I think I still surprise Jeff every once in a while. He was shaking his head when he was putting up the tree and we realized just how short it is...and I didn't even care. My only request was that we don't get a Charlie Brown, other than that, I really don't care. This tree is so short, I could put the tree topper on while standing on the ground. And I'm only 5' folks.

I tried to let Adrian decorate:

It didn't go so well...

He had a little better luck with these swirly turquoise ornaments:

I put the remaining 7 ornaments on along with garland.

Now all we need is a tree skirt, tree topper, and a lot more ornaments. Ah, well, we're halfway there. I did have a few more ornaments but I ended up hanging them in the window. I'll have to post a picture if I ever figure out how to take a decent picture of the window. Tips are welcome.

Other than that...we made it through chickenpox with Adrian this past week. He did pretty well, just crabby for a few days and low fever, but nothing to get me worried.  Yesterday in church he told our friend Kate, "I have chickenpox. I have scabs." I keep trying to tell him he doesn't have chickenpox anymore, just scabs. Lots of scabs.

The Sunday School Program was last night, it's always so cute to see all the kids saying their pieces and singing the songs. It's a little different here than when I was in Sunday school downstate, mostly due to a much, much smaller group. The 5-year-olds each have a piece to say which is so sweet, just something simple like "Jesus loves me," or "Jesus was born on Christmas." And at the end, the entire Sunday school goes to the front to sing a song together. I imagine that won't happen for too many more years since our congregation has grown so much.

Now to finish supper and finish my dish for Ladies' Christmas Party tonight!


Amanda Kay said...

haha you're cracking me up with your 7 ornaments!
Love how proud Adrian is of his helping. So cute!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Love the picture where Adrian looks so proud. That is so precious.

And the one he's peeking under the tree while Jeff's situating it! That cracked me up.

Our Sunday school does the same thing, everyone goes up to the front to sing a song at the end. It was really sweet when the Sunday school was much smaller, when we first moved out here. But it's *way* too crowded for it now but they keep doing it.

Nikayda told me, last year, she almost fell because everyone was trampling up so fast. And all of my kids complained of being hot and crowded up there.

I was really surprised to find out they're still doing it this year. I think it's gotten so big that it's not even safe for the kids to do it anymore! (They don't even all fit in the front of the church anymore.) (And my kids were telling me they don't want to. - but I guess it is what it is... No one wants to 'change' traditions...)

~ J

Sara said...

I was going to say the EXACT same thing Amanda did.