Feb 15, 2011

Guess what?

Ha! So this clearly wasn't for Bentley but today is his birthday! Amanda and Paul added a sweet little baby boy to their family today!
 I wish I had pictures from Sunday but of course I don't. Some friends of ours had families over for sledding and a bonfire. Adrian was so tired (he hasn't been sleeping well with those molars trying to come through) so I can't say that he had a blast but Jeff and I sure enjoyed ourselves! I went snowshoeing with some of the ladies through the burnt forest. It was so strange to see all the blackened trees; the fire happened 2 years ago. Anyways, Adrian did enjoy some sledding thanks to all the girls who are always spoiling him whenever they're around! There was a bonfire too, so we cooked hotdogs for supper. I took Adrian inside for a little bit because he only wanted to be held and we ended up staying in until we left. I think I was actually the last one to leave, I was too busy visiting! It was such a nice day, this warmer weather is giving me spring fever. I thought I was doing fine with winter, then the sunshine and above freezing temps had to show themselves! Aaah, well, we'll enjoy winter for a while longer!

I had another appointment with the chiropractor this morning. He said my back is better than he has ever seen! I chalk that up to his adjustments and yoga. I've always resisted yoga a little bit because it seems like such a 'slow' exercise. I'm still getting used to it and it really is helping. My back was a bit sore last week and I realized I had been slacking with yoga so I started up again--just 10-15 minutes a day--and it made a world of difference!

Jeff and I have a date tonight, we're going to a new (to us) restaurant that Jeff wants to try out. Yay for date night!


~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Hope you had fun on your date!

And, now everyone thinks Bentley is spelled the wrong way... ;)

~ J