Sep 3, 2010

a-camping we have gone

I have decided to post again to avoid being reported for blog neglect.

If my crabby toddler will allow it, I would like to share some pictures for our latest camping trip with Jeff's family.

There were a lot of firsts for Adrian during this trip: first piece of corn on the cob, (ha! And he loved it!) first real mohawk (thanks to sunscreen hair), first boat ride, first time tubing, first time driving a boat...okay so maybe not but he has certainly never been on a boat before! I think he loved all of the above except for the part where I put a lifejacket on him. When I took him tubing he was so tired but I wanted to get him on the water before he went to sleep or we would miss our chance. Jeff was pulling the boat, going pretty slow and Adrian wasn't making any reaction. We went a little faster, still basically crawling, and he still wasn't doing much. I think he was smiling but then after a minute or so he starting closing his eyes! Jeff and I both thought he'd be bawling for sure (aren't we nice parents?!) and here he was falling asleep! So much for that.

There must be more photos out there that aren't completely focused on Adrian but they don't seem to be on my camera. I know there are some on facebook from my fellow campers but I kicked myself off of there until Wednesday so I can't get to them just yet.

We did our usual garage sale excursion while we were camping. Who goes garage saling when they're camping you ask? Have you met Jeff's mom?? We didn't find too much but I think our best find was Adrian's lifejacket. I completely forgot about getting him one even though I had fully planned to take him on the boat. We found one for 10 cents! You just can't beat that price! Or timing for that matter.

The boys didn't catch any fish again...if I was bummed about that I'm sure they were pretty upset. I feel bad considering this trip is all about the fishing! They are planning on heading back in a few weeks to try again, this time it'll just be the guys. Maybe they'll have better luck this time around!

Oh man, Adrian is threatening to delete this entire post by way of one tiny little finger...

OH MY. He just did. Seriously. Luckily, I caught it fast enough so that it didn't autosave again with everything gone...yikes. I don't even know what he pushed...

Speaking of Adrian, does anyone want him for a few weeks?? He has a few teeth coming in and he has been craaaanky. I'm just glad I am able to get a full nights sleep each night to calm down and refresh before the whining and crying starts all over again. Cannot wait until those teeth pop through. I've been using Hyland's teething tablets up until now and they had been working wonders but not anymore. If you know of any natural and effective teething remedies PLEASE let me know. I think I'll be running to the co-op tonight to see what else they have to save my sanity--I mean, to help my poor little dude.

Besides the crankiness, he has been so much fun lately. He's at the stage where, even though he can't talk, he understands everything I say to him. I love it! He loves books right now too. He is constantly bringing me books, shoving them in my lap and then holding his little arms up for me to pick him up. How can I resist? Oh yeah, maybe because I've read Wag my Tail 17,293 times. But still, it's so cute when he tries to move the tabs with his little fingers...and 'barks' with his mouth closed.

Anyways, that's all for now, I have about 15 more posts in my head, 2 of which you might or might not see. Until then, enjoy this rainy day!


jean said...

i love that picture of him with paula but i dont think he likes steering a boat

Sara said...

growing up so fast!....Orrin is always messing w/ my computer too - somehow he always seems to get a million little screens popping up in the 2 seconds I leave the room! the bugger!

Loretta Marie said...

I have a natural teething remedy! Get him an amber necklace. When it warms up against their skin, it releases a natural pain reliever. I just ordered some for Karmyn and Brienna. If you're interested, shoot me an e-mail A friend of mine is hosting a co-op where you can get 20% off right now. I think the discount is open until sunday.