Sep 16, 2010

The thing about Chevron

is that I love it.

The End.

Actually, that's not the end. I had intended to make something for this frame so I could hang it in Adrian's room (which is also my crafting room). When I finished, I hung it in the living room. Funny how those things happen.
I was sketching ideas, trying to figure out what I should do and then as I was googling pictures of cars, I clicked over to MADE where Dana had just posted pictures of a chevron pillow she had sewn. I threw all my plans out the window (well, not literally) and went with Chevron.


Sara said...

very cool! so is that fabric?

Beatle Sue said...

Sara-it's paper. I still have a ton of paper laying around since I quit scrapping so I'm trying to use it up. I want to start getting rid of some of my stuff but I might have a hard time giving up some of my paper. I think I just need to find a use for it!

Yvonne said...

love it! i can picture scrapbook paper being used with photos too.