Sep 30, 2010

Friday Feature

I have decided to start a Friday feature which will include my craftiness of the week. It will be a great way to get me moving with all the countless ideas I have in my head and show you that I do actually create things sometimes! It might be a decoration, a piece of clothing, an accessory, or anything else that I decide to try! Maybe even food! I'll try to give you a completed project but I'll also be sure to show you whatever I'm in the process of making if I don't have anything finished.

Now to think of a name...any suggestions?

I'll be back tomorrow with some pictures!


Aleena said...

Friday Feature sounds good!

Amanda Kay said...

I've thought of doing a weekly something or other too with a cool title, but never came up on anything. Actually, KA was doing posts (maybe still is?) called Five for Friday and she just gave 5 random thoughts. So now I can't get that out of my head and that was months ago.
I finally put my sewing machine on my table!! One step closer to doing something!
Friday Feature is good - or Feature Me Friday. Or Feature This Friday :)

Sara said...

sounds fun! I will be sure to check and see what you're up to!!

I just requested umm....16 sewing books from the library...hope they don't take away my library card for hogging them all! I can't wait to get some new inspiration and hopefully a fun idea for our christmas exchange!