Sep 11, 2010

You probably wouldn't want this every day

Blogging every day would be sweet if I wasn't grumpy.

I usually consider myself to be a cheerful, optimistic person. My family might know the truth but everyone else gets what I'm saying. ;) I can say however, that I've always been pretty impatient. Right now, I'm really impatient. Jeff is coming home in the next 15 minutes (over-time today so he's only working 8 hours and I couldn't be happier) and I am counting down the minutes. Adrian has been so cranky lately. I thought it was teeth and now I'm starting to wonder if he just wants a new mom. Okay, I'm kidding but he shouldn't be crabby for weeks over teeth right? Especially since two already popped through. Or maybe he just doesn't like my cooking. I have tried to feed him lunch 4 times now and he refuses to eat. It's almost 3:00 people! Maybe Jeff will have the magic touch when he gets home--and a whole lot more patience.

Here's hoping the end of his crankiness--and mine--is in sight.


Amanda Kay said...

Heck if I know - Kendall's been crying over her teeth for a good month as far as I'm aware! Yesterday was finally a pretty good day with her. She has a few teeth popping through, with a few more still pushing their way up.

Sara said...

oh man! Wish I could come take him for a while - there is way too much commotion here at any given moment for him to even think of being crabby! Hang in there and hope he gets to his normal happy self soon!

Cami said...

i can totally relate to this! kaelyn has been cranky for a couple months now with molars coming in...with maybe 2 or 3 good days in the mix. It's hard to be the "bestest mommy ever", all day every day when they are like that. good thing for husbands hey!? :)