Aug 24, 2010

A Few Visitors

My sister Gretchen stopped by on her way up north the other day. Dan and Jean were tagging along and they all spent the night. Yay for us! We love to get visitors! It was really hot in our apartment so we had the grand idea to go to Lake Superior to swim. (It was only 70 out there at 8:00 but the water was pretty warm.) Since we had to take two vehicles and I wasn't ready to leave yet anyways, Jeff took Danny to his work before heading to the lake. The next morning (Jeff was working) Danny told me about 4 times, "Make sure you tell Jeff I said 'Thank-you' for taking me to his work. It was so cool, I could just stay in those airplanes forever! I could sleep in there!" He now has grand plans to move up north and work at the airport with Jeff. "I can work there and help Jeff. I can hand him his tools back. And then I can move in with you guys and live here." Yeah...about that...Needless to say, he thought it was pretty cool to check out all those planes.

I had a dentist appointment the next morning so the kids babysat Adrian. Boy was that nice! :) I had planned on bringing him to a friend's house but that was much easier to be able to walk out the door!

Thanks again for stopping by Gretchen, Jeanie and Danny! We LOVE when people stop in ESPECIALLY our family...nudge, nudge. ;)

(These pictures are from another evening swim in the 'The Lake' after one of Jeff's softball games.)


Amanda Kay said...

Ummm, not sure if you noticed, but your little guy's bum is showing in that top picture. How embarrassing!

Sara said...

You're cracking me up with that pic! Love it!!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Danny cracks me up.

I'd heard he was planning to move in with you guys. But I hadn't heard why. Hilarious.

That first picture made me bust out laughing. The kids got a kick out of it too. :)

~ Jennifer

Emily said...

That first picture is too funny!

And by the way, I'm pretty sure Danny is now moving in with us and helping Matt whenever he can...haha