Aug 5, 2010

We're home for a while

Oh man, I have some serious catching up to do on here. At least I'm not the only one slacking with posting this summer, I've noticed a lot of other bloggers have taken some time off to enjoy the summer heat!

I feel like summer is FLYing by, we've been pretty busy with trips nearly every other weekend. If I'm not cleaning up from one trip, I'm getting ready for the next! Trying to do all the normal stuff in between feels like too much when I should be outside enjoying the lake! We did enjoy it for a short time this weekend when we were camping with my family. Adrian LOVES the water. Even before Lake Superior warmed up (and it's really warm this year!) he didn't mind the cold and loved to splash and throw rocks. And eat rocks. Whatever. He was a pretty good camper, I just wasn't a very good relaxer.

He's walking like crazy now and has gotten better even over the weekend, getting his balance on uneven ground, and figuring out how to squat down and pick things up and be able to stand up again. I have a hard time with camping and letting him get dirty. I should really get over it. The few times that I did were much more enjoyable. Adrian would walk around and fall down and crawl in the dust and he would be as happy as can be. And it all washes off in the end right?? That's what I keep telling myself anyways. Everyone keeps saying that this stage is the hardest, particularly when camping. I sure hope they're right! It's easier when he's walking more and not seeing every. single. rock. on the ground.

It was so nice to hang out with my family for a few days. I just wish everyone could have been there! (Two of my brothers and two of my sisters didn't make it.) I'm not sure if this will be an annual camping trip or not but I sure hope it happens more often than it has in the past!

I had a family picture to post but upon reviewing, I decided not to because of the other reason I haven't posted. The one weekend we were home, I had an abscessed tooth. It was a miserable few days. We still don't know for sure how it happened. It was my front tooth so the dentist thinks it was from some sort of trauma to that particular area. I did get bumped there by Adrian the day before it started to hurt but that may have only been the 'trigger' that set it off. It may have been caused by braces in the first place since teeth get shifted around and sometimes the root dies. So weird, that tooth may have been dead for years and I had no idea since it never turned grey. Until it started to hurt. And oh boy, does it hurt. I've heard people complain about abscessed teeth in the past but I had no idea what they were talking about. I was basically stuck on the couch for a few days because I was absolutely exhausted from the infection. My face swelled up like a balloon, I looked like I belonged in Whoville. Of course, I knew nothing about this sort of thing so by the time I realized what it was, the weekend had arrived so I waited until Monday to see a dentist. I was referred to a specialist and lucky for me, they were able to get me in for a root canal that afternoon. The first dentist thought I would have to wait weeks to get in. I'm so thankful it's all behind me now and I'm back to normal! So, going back to my first comment about the family picture, I still didn't have my normal smile back so I look kind of goofy.

Other than that, our other excitement is car trouble. We've been trying to sell our car as a step to getting out of debt (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before). We had a buyer, a very patient buyer at that, but we ran into a lot of problems trying to sell it. Looking back, I'm thankful that we weren't able to sell it so easily because Jeff's truck broke down. That would have been the only vehicle we owned for at least a few weeks. After a few trips back and forth from the Copper Country, the truck is finally back in our parking lot. What a pain that was considering it broke down at the camp and he only had a day or two each week to get up there and work on it.

In case you were wondering, I can run 6 miles! Woohoo! I never knew that was possible!

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful evening!


Emily said...

Way to go on the 6 miles! I've been struggling the last few times I've been out running.

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Great job on the 6 miles!

And, I love that you have a tag 'Excuses for not Blogging'.

~ Jennifer