Aug 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Boys!

Today is the day we celebrate the birthdays of 2/3 of this household. Our little Adrian was born on his Daddy's birthday on a very hot summer day one year ago, today. (Although, I didn't have a clue it was so hot, I was inside in the air conditioning shaking like a leaf for the first 3 or 4 hours. And not because of the cold.) Our little 'Stinkaroo' had his head nestled in my ribs for the last few months of pregnancy...and you know what that means! Adrian was born at a healthy 8 pounds, 5 ounces. I remember my Mom laughing saying that I had 'one big baby' considering I was a pretty small girl. Most new moms, upon holding their baby for the first time, can't believe that he once fit in her belly. I never felt like that with Adrian, he seemed so tiny to me even from the start. It's amazing to me, to look back at the pictures we took and the memories we have. Before he was born, I wondered how I would be as a mom, I felt completely clueless. Now, I know that that's normal and I, like every other new mom, would learn along the way. It wasn't very hard though, instinct took over, I blinked my eyes, and he's now a year old and as happy and healthy as can be! I always say that I'm lucky because he has always been a happy little guy. Not perfect, I can't say that, but a very happy boy with no serious illness or injury along the way!

We had a birthday party on Saturday night. I had planned to have it this weekend but I realized that it wouldn't work out, so the day before, I started planning it. Nothing crazy, just a few people at our apartment for cake and ice cream. Jeff and I had a good time catching up with friends that we haven't seen all summer and Adrian had a BLAST running around with the kids. He doesn't see other kids that often so he didn't quite know what to do. I can tell you one thing, he was pumped to see them! Plus, he had a HUGE piece of cake (obviously) so that may have been part of it. Once most everyone had left, he was still running around screeching, it was so funny and unlike him to be that wild! I just wish I had taken more pictures...or any pictures at all. Jeff took pictures of Adrian with cake but then I forgot about the camera completely after that.

We have plans to go out to eat tonight. (This is a treat for me too!) Other than that, I plan to enjoy my little One-year-old until my other guy gets home!


Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday to your boys!

Amanda Kay said...

Happy Birthday to them! Adrian looks like he enjoyed his cake!