Aug 21, 2010

I must be crazy

But then, she is too. ;)

My friend Kate and I went blueberry picking this evening. With our boys. Yes, it probably would have been more ideal to go alone but our husbands went golfing and knowing how close we are to the end of the blueberries, we went anyways. The boys did fine for the most part, Kate's baby sat in his stroller (he's 7 months) and Adrian tromped along behind me. I brought a few sand toys for Adrian to play with but I think that lasted all of 23 seconds. He figured out pretty quickly that I was carrying around a bucket of blueberries. Adrian loves blueberries. He would stumble over, reach his grubby little hand in, pull out 17 berries, 2 of which would make it to his mouth. I ended up picking one-handed so I could hold out berries in my hand. I figured slower picking would still bring home more berries than if I let him self serve! After a mere 40 minutes, the mosquitoes chased us out of the woods. They were horrid! I think we'll try again in a couple days. Without the boys this time. And maybe with some bug repellent.