Jun 10, 2010

What's Yours is Mine

Jeff has had this sweatshirt for so long and never wears it. I finally figured out that he doesn't like the neck/collar part so I put it in my pile of "projects to do." I have always liked that it is a shirt that is thick like a sweatshirt so I decided to make it mine!

(How do you like my 'props?')
I cut off the sleeves at the seam, used one of my own sweatshirts as a pattern and cut out the body. I sewed the side seams and reattached the sleeves.

I tried this thing on about a bazillion times with each step to make sure it fit right. I was pretty long and these hips don't do long shirts very well. I shortened it but I also wanted some kind of gathered waist. The easiest and fastest way to do that was to make a drawstring waist. There was a rather large seam at the bottom so I cut it off to use as my drawstring holder (I know, my terms are so technical). I used some of the excess fabric from resizing to cut into strips for the string. I sewed them end to end and pulled on them to make it curl.

At this point, I could have stopped but I wanted the sleeves to look a little more girly since it was such a masculine looking shirt to begin with given the wide collar and dark color. I cut them to about 3/4 length, gathered them and sewed the cuff back on. I think I'll have to redo this sometimes because the sleeves aren't as short as I would like them. I also wanted to cover up the Old Navy logo so I sewed strips of fabric all willy-nilly to cover it up and add some texture. (Um, who says that???)

There you have it. One shirt wasting away in the closet now has a use again!


Sara said...

Wow!! You need to get some of this stuff on Etsy!! Very neat!

Gretchen said...

aren't you creative! I'm curious to see what it looks like when you have it on...

MindiJo said...

Wow! You are so very crafty.

Yvonne said...

love it! clever.