Jun 7, 2010

No Garage Sale finds this Weekend

We were camping!

Yeah, he's wearing socks. In the dirt. Dirty dirt. I just bought shoes for him before we left because I only had flip-flops for him. The ground was kind of wet considering it had rained the night before so I figured I would rather ruin a pair of socks than a pair of new shoes. They'll get dirty eventually but it just didn't make sense to buy new shoes just to drag in the dirt. I'm starting to wonder why I went out of my way to buy them before we went...

It rained for a good deal of the trip but Saturday afternoon was positively beautiful. We played bocce ball in the beach area. We were at Pewabic State Park and the beach area was pretty far from our site. Luckily enough, our fellow campers had a bike trailer that we used to pull our boys.

We knew it was supposed to rain all weekend but everyone agreed that it wasn't worth cancelling our trip. I figured if we canceled, the weekend would be beautiful so I would rather take our chances. It rained Friday night, cleared up for the day, and started up again in the evening. Jeff had picked up a couple tarps before we left just in case. It's a good thing he did, we would have been stuck inside, or soaked, otherwise.

The guys were chuckling about the amount of food we brought. Kate and I planned out our meals together so neither of us would have "meal envy." Of course, we brought plenty to snack on as well. Like that double batch of monster cookies...gone in two days! Maybe it's the T*r*la in me but, I didn't want anyone to be hungry! Camping is all about eating if you ask me. We went home with plenty of leftovers but at least we weren't lacking!

Adrian is teething right now so he's been a little cranky but otherwise he was a pretty good camper. Especially when I consider how he was in our arms most of the weekend. He's crawling like crazy and starting to stand so, sitting still isn't exactly the ideal (non)activity for him. He didn't mind crawling around the tent...when I was with him that is. It would have been nice if he would crawl and play in there while I was outside but he wanted nothing to do with that. Hopefully our next camping trip is a little drier so he can get down and play! That and, maybe he won't try to put every rock and acorn in his mouth!


Sara said...

I thought he looked so much like Jeff until recently I'm seeing Orrin in him...something with his mouth (esp. in that close-up of him by himself with the serious face - just like Orrin would do...so must be some of you there too!) And love his little flannel!

Amanda Kay said...

I love the flannel too! I just squeeze the little guy!!! Can't wait to see him again!

Anonymous said...

I saw Sara's kids in him as soon as I looked at the pictures. Aunt Karen