Jun 9, 2010

Making Money the Easy way

I discovered Gazelle a few months ago in a roundabout way in my never ending quest to save money. They are an online program that buys your unused electronics and recycles them. You can choose to receive you money in the form of a check, wal-mart gift card, amazon.com gift card, or through paypal (which is pretty awesome too, by the way). They make it super simple. You type in the name of your item, answer a few questions about the condition of the item and they send you a prepaid shipping label for FedEx. I sent our old phones a while ago and if I remember correctly, I was able to get over $20 back, and $10 was thanks to a bonus code! If you decide to use them, be sure to check retailmenot.com for any bonus codes. Some items won't get you any money but Gazelle will send you a shipping label and recycle it anyways. Check it out!