Aug 29, 2012

By the Way...

I have been so sick of my way too long hair and have been talking about getting it cut really short for ages. Ever since Isaac was born, it has been falling out like mad so I decided that now would be a great time to really go for it. Seriously you guys, it was so long and ridiculous I had to braid it to go to bed! It felt like Little House on the Prairie. Of course, as soon as I decided to make an appointment I found out that my hairdresser is moving! This is the second time this has happened to me up here. Anyways, I did manage to catch an appointment with her but now I have no idea where to go from here since I'll actually have to maintain my hair now.

A few things:

1. My hair is ca-razy in that first picture, I think I just pulled it out of a bun. And seriously, there aren't many pictures of me on this computer. Let's not even talk about the number of pictures that are actually flattering...and don't mind zombie eyes up there.
2. I never did get an official "before" picture. I tried to do it myself and I look like I just woke up. Lovely.
3. I never realized just how awkward I am when Jeff is behind the camera. I can't be normal. So this sideways glance is me looking at Adrian. Believe me, it was the best shot.
4. I'm still trying to figure out how to style hair this short. I had Jeff take pictures of me before church and well, yeah, my hair looked pretty terrible because I don't know what I'm doing. I happened to tousle it up because it was driving me crazy. It was really an attempt to soften the wax but I  accidentally made it look much better.
6. I had clippers used on my neck for the first time in my life. Yikes!
7. This is a tad bit shorter than I was going for since my bangs were a little too short--my own fault since I trim them myself.
8. Despite #7, I really like it. It will be fun to try out a bunch of different haircuts as my hair grows. (I may keep it short for a while now although I think I said that last time...)
9. Any short hair styling tips are welcome!


jodi said...

You look amazing!!! Holy cow! I think you should know I'm green with envy right now. I've been wanting to cut my hair to that exact length since forever but have always been too chicken. I have no tips, but I think you've got the style down!

Sue said...

I love it! It's got a bit of spunk to it, and it will be so easy to just tussle it up and go. I love when I have short hair for that reason alone.

Heidi Sue said...

Jodi, thank-you! I'm blushing. I say go for it, it's just hair! (And here it took me several years to finally do it.)

Sue, thanks! Erica told me it looked "sassy." haha! It's been fun and super easy.

Yvonne said...

very cute!

Anonymous said...

YOU TOOK THE PLUNGE; congratulations :) isn't it sooo fun to try out a new style?
as for me, when i got my pixie, my hair was soo easy to do. literally takes me five minutes to do my hair!
BUT, it is now in the growing out stages and WOO those are just as lovely haha!
but have fun with it, try new things!!