Sep 6, 2012

Busy as a Bee

My poor neglected blog. Summer has been busy! Not the crazy, hectic, trying to catch my breath kind of busy, but a keep-you-going, fun, making memories kind of busy. As a result, my screen time has drastically decreased. That can only be good in my opinion. We went camping this past weekend in "Buttoskey" (Petoskey) with Jeff's family. Perfect weather, perfect baby, and a pretty good kid. (Let's not talk about the copious amounts of bodily excretions from a certain little 3-year-old...I just love a good puke clean-up. Not.)

More about that trip when I have the time. I'm having a garage sale this weekend so I need to get back to setting that up!


Amanda Kay said...

aw, that bottom picture is too cute!