Sep 13, 2012


Fall is officially here in the U.P. We've been having some windy, rainy, dreary days. Perfect for getting a few things done inside. I spent yesterday cleaning house so I would be able to have a craft day today, guilt-free. I always have these grand plans of getting 17 projects knocked off my pile but I somehow only managed to finish a couple. Between both kids and the fact that I was out of much needed white thread, I'm lucky I got anything done.

I have been wanting to put designs on the boys' shirts with freezer paper so I went to Michael's a while ago searching for it. I mean, all the craft bloggers use it so it must be at the craft store right? Whoops. The guy at Michael's had no idea what I was talking about. I finally emailed Dana and she was gracious enough to get back to me. Oh, duh, you buy it from the grocery store. I had some fun this evening and I'm not done yet!

These last few days have been so nice. I feel like things are finally slowing down a little after the go-go-go of summertime. I'm looking forward to more crafting days--maybe this will be the year I actually have handmade clothes for our little family. Jeff did say he wanted me to design some shirts for him. You have no idea how happy that makes me.

Generally this time of year is super motivational for me, even more so than New Year's. This year it has been a little slow to get started, but I feel the momentum picking up!


jodi said...

OK so I have been wondering where the heck to get freezer paper too! haha! I'm glad you shared that info. :) I agree with you, this time of year is really motivational for me too. I think just knowing the holidays are coming, there's the shift in the seasons...Plus, we've been having rainy mornings here and it's perfect for crafting.

Heidi Sue said...

Now that you know where to get it, get your craft on! It's so fun and easy! Jeff even had the idea to make his own sports team t-shirts, I'm sure it would be way cheaper.