Aug 3, 2012


Good news! I was able to recover the pictures from my memory card! I had no idea this was even possible until my cousin Katie gave me the tip. Thank-you, thank-you! Apparently you can download (free!) software to restore files including those deleted from a memory card. The whole process took me less than half an hour. I'm so amazed that this is possible, but maybe I shouldn't be. It seems that anything can be recovered these days. Technologically speaking.

I'll post pictures of the trip on Monday. In the meantime, I realized quite recently that Little Man is starting to sit up! Funny how with Adrian I was pushing it and now, it took the chiropractor's comment to make me realize that he's almost sitting on his own.

)Don't mind the cords and boxes behind him. We're moved in, we just don't have the best set-up for everything yet. I need to do more thrift shopping! I have to keep reminding myself that we have only been here for a few weeks.)


jodi said...

ok I had no idea that software existed either! I will make a mental note, in case I need it in the future. And boy! How cute is that little guy? Seriously, he's getting so big!

Heidi Sue said...

I know! I am blown away with technology! It's also making me think I should get a new memory card. If pictures show up from a year and a half ago, my picture quality is definitely suffering. (I mean, I know it is, but maybe that might improve it just a bit?)

Isaac is growing way too fast. The second baby is so different than the first.

Sara said...

oh my goodness - cutest little man ever!!! I can't believe he's this big already. I can't wait to meet him!