Aug 13, 2012

A Happy Birthday Weekend

We had a Happy Birthday weekend in this house. Jeff and Adrian both celebrate their birthday on the 11th. I had plans to have a houseful for a party but so many people ended up being out of town so it was a pretty small gathering in the end. We had fun nonetheless and visited with a couple we haven't seen in a while. No pictures of the guests because I am so awkward and I feel silly asking for permission to post pics. Please tell me I'm not alone. (And feel free to to tell me that I can, nudge, nudge.) ;) I actually completely forgot to take a picture of all the kids together, silly me.

Jeff started car-pooling last week [jumps for joy] so I have a car on the weekends that he works. This will be the first time in a long time that I will actually make it into church on those weekends. So nice. On Friday I was able to run all over town buying stuff for our little party. It took with the kids by myself. When I got home I had to fly around making cakes and cleaning and making a fun little banner for the porch.

I don't bake. When it comes to cooking, I can tweek a recipe or completely wing it. Baking on the other hand, I follow the recipe word for word and it's still mediocre at best. So the cakes were good but not great but boy, this frosting was the bomb. I wanted to freeze it and eat it like ice cream. I won't even tell you what's in it because I'm still trying to forgot. (Yes, that picture of the cake is in my living room, we have very little natural light in the kitchen, unfortunately.)

We gave Adrian Duplos for a birthday gift and he is loving them. He keeps talking about playing with his "Dupwo Wegos." Now I just need to find more thrift shopping/garage saling to add to his stash.

On Sunday, we hiked up Sugarloaf with some other friends and then grilled supper at our house. Love that we can do that now! We actually just picked up a cheap charcoal grill since I haven't found one otherwise. Can't wait to use that every day.

It kind of felt like my birthday this weekend. So fun to have friends visit our new home!


simplemittens said...

love the banner and both of those cakes look too good!

jodi said...

That cake looks amazing!! I often want to freeze icing and eat it like ice cream haha! Glad i"m not alone in that...and No, you're not alone in feeling awkward in taking photos. haha! I can barely sneak out my phone camera without feeling embarrassed. Happy birthday to your boys! Glad it was a good one!

Sara said...

Love your banners!! And I could dive into that cake - looks

Legos are one of the greatest toys for kids - they will literally spend hours playing them,(young and old!) Don't think you can ever have too many (till it's clean-up time that is..haha) Happy Birthday guys! :)

Heidi Sue said...

Simplemittens, thank-you! I love banners and they're so easy to make. And the cakes were awesome. Or maybe it was just that I'm used to gluten-free bakery and I went off the deep-end and made these with regular, all-purpose flour. ;)

Jodi, thanks, it was fun to make! We ate all the extra frosting too fast to freeze. Yum!

Sara, you're right, it seems like I've been stepping on them ever since!

~ Jennifer J. said...

Your cakes are so cute! And love the banners.

I feel the same way about asking people if I can put them on the blog - so I never do. I should just get over it and ask but I don't.

We love Legos - they're about the only plastic toys we really like. And they get hours of use.

~ J