Jul 17, 2009


Thanks to everyone who made it to my baby shower on Monday! And a special thanks to Kate for making it happen! We appreciate it so much! It was so fun to get all that cute little baby stuff that we'll be using in just a few weeks!

I was so glad to see nearly all of the girls in the family, both sides in fact! We were just missing Jennifer and Larissa. I wish they could have been there but I was thrilled to see the majority regardless!

We had a house full that night with Sara and her kids as well as my Mom and the rest of my sisters that were with her (minus Gretch, who went the rest of the way up). I don't think we've ever had that many people stay over at once! I either slept very deeply that night or everyone went to sleep and stayed asleep. Hopefully it went as well as it seemed!

(The first two pictures are from my Mom's blog. I gave my camera to my sister to take pictures at the shower but I didn't realize I still had it set for fireworks so they all turned out pretty dark.)


~ junkyard jennifer said...

Is that bottom one from your place? I love that lamp shade.

gretch said...

hahaha i was wondering why the pictures were turning out dark.. maybe i shoulda said something to you