Jul 7, 2009

A Weekend on Sunrise Lane

We stumbled in the door in the wee hours of today. That's pretty normal for us considering Jeff works afternoon shift. It's easier for us to come home really late rather than get up and go in the morning.

The weather was beautiful this weekend. Perfect for a few days at the camp! A few dips into the frigid waters of Lake Superior kept us cool while we visited on the beach with a few cousins and of course, Grandma L who seems to be enjoying her time at the camp so far (her summer home). I was so disappointed to find that I had left my camera behind! I actually remembered to pull it out but I found the case and no camera (it's sitting on the microwave of all places).

My sister Sara stopped by Emily's on the way down to my Mom and Dad's so we were lucky enough to be able to see her and her kids for a few hours. They all had a blast getting to know their cousins again!

It was definitely an enjoyable weekend, and now it's back to reality again! (I feel like I'm telling myself that every other week now...)


Amanda Kay said...

Beat - I know I just saw you in person, but you haven't posted a belly shot in a while so I'm hoping you are remembering to take them...and then post!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

Yes. What Amanda said! I want to see your fat belly again.