Jul 11, 2009

Is there a bomb shelter around here?

The enticing smell of popcorn lingers in the air.

The sound of a drum beats its way to my window.

And I think we're being bombed.

Or, maybe it's just the festivities of Pioneer Days happening all around our apartment.

I'm not really sure what it's all about but apparently it's an annual deal. Jeff and I had planned on meeting up with some friends for the parade this morning but he ended up working a few hours of overtime yesterday (or today?) so he didn't get home until 5am. He even got out of bed this morning, with the help of bacon and eggs, but then decided that some more sleep would do him good since he had to work again this afternoon. I couldn't agree more, I'd rather not have him falling asleep at the wheel on the way home!

There are fireworks tonight that (I believe) will be displayed over Teal Lake. Soo...I just need to step outside my door to see them! Doesn't get much easier than that!

And that popcorn...I feel like I've been hungry all day!



Megan Lorraine said...

Thanks again for sharing your yard Heidi! :) It was fun!

Anonymous said...

Yes thanks Heidi. We all had a great time, with great friends.~Jennie

Lynette said...


Me, Heather, Sara, Kylee, and Heather's friend Jen watched fireworks RIGHT in front of your place. I was like "Heidi & Jeff live right there!!!" The fireworks were sweet. That's the closest I ever sat to fireworks. Going off directly overhead.. Not to mention actually getting hit with debris and ashes. haha But it was definately awesome.


Sorry I missed your shower! Hope it went well. I had all intentions to make it, but a vacuum on my car sprung a leak (?) and I didn't what it was so I didnt want to drive it out there. BUT I have your gift and I will give it to you at church on Sunday if you are there. Otherwise I'll drop it off to you another time asap.

That's all.