Jan 7, 2008


Amanda's got me so inspired about her making her cake that I'm thinking I might just get my fabric from Marijane and make my dress myself! I mean how hard can it be?


Cami said...

heidi...looks like i need your email address too for the other wedding stuff.

and good luck with making you own dress. lol. i'm sure mary jane will be thrilled to get that off her shoulders. maybe the other girls could make their own too. that way they'll feel like they're contributing something! ;)

~ junkyard Jennifer said...

Hahaha! That's funny.

But seriously, didn't mom make hers?

Amanda Kay said...

Ha ha! Good luck with that!

Anne said...

Oh Heidi, that was "in the olden days" when bride's made their own dresses (with a little help from their Mom's) and mother's of the brides made their daughers wedding cakes. Even when the mother was 8 months pregnant for their 11 child, 43 years old and with high blood pressure. I wouldn't recommend it today. They don't make mothers and brides like they use to!

Sue said...

I made my wedding dress...but that was back in the olden days. In fact, I made a bridesmaid dress for one of Marijane's bridesmaids in my home ec class in 11th grade. Wow...they were pretty trusting!