Jan 14, 2008

I Stayed Home

I haven't been feel too great these past few days, sniffles, chills, aches, coughing, phlegm, fun stuff! I actually went into work, saw that we only had four kids, and asked to go home. 'Course the boss wasn't too thrilled. :S Whatev. I figure it's better not to get everyone else sick right?
So instead I did this:
My desk usually looks something like this WHILE I am scrapping

It's not until afterwards that it looks like this

And this is precisely what I did

Well it's past 8'o'clock! Time for this sick girl to go to bed!!


Amanda Kay said...

Very cute!!

Anonymous said...

Love them!!!!
Love the brown pp in the middle!! What is it?

Beatle said...

I have no idea Barbara! I was trying to figure that out when I was making it, I must have cut off the name already.

Lynette said...

cute table, chair, and i L-O-V-E the lamp! :)

~ Junkyard jennifer said...

Cute cards Beatle! I LOVE that brown paper on that middle card. Awesome.

Heidi Sue Beatle said...

I figured you'd like that Jen! I have a few others pieces that are from the same line, I should put them on here just so you can drool. ;)

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

:) I'd love to see them.

I hope you're feeling better. Mom said you were sick all week. So was Nikayda!

Emily said...

cute cards! I can't wait to hit up the scrappy stores down there! I'm in much need of some new stuff.